Korean Language and Culture Education

About the Track

This track provides educational services so that foreign students can develop their understanding of Korean language and Korean culture at an advanced level. In particular, it systematically provides comprehensive theoretical education in the field of Korean language, interpretation and translation. Our goal is to cultivate competent people who are recognized in the field of Korean language education and translation and interpretation.

Educational Goal

The number of foreign students in Korea has recently increased to over 100,000. In this situation, a curriculum that simply teaching the Korean language can hardly satisfy the students’ needs. Our program aims to train students to have the ability of understanding Korean language, the expressive ability of Korean language, and the ability of good understanding of Korean culture. The goal is to produce experts in the specialized areas of Korean language education, and interpretation and translation.

Educational Capability

After completing undergraduate studies, graduates can find jobs in domestic and international companies or organizations which require high-level Korean language speakers. They can also become Korean language teachers, interpretation and translation experts in the world.

Employment Field

With the expansion of Korean companies’ activities overseas and the spread of Korean language, there is a growing demand for high quality Korean language personnel among foreigners who understand the local situation well. The Division of International Studies at Busan ​​University of Foreign Studies aims to produce competent graduates in the field of Korean language education, interpretation and translation by providing a systematic and harmonious curriculum for cultivating humanistic literacy and practical, professional field knowledge.