THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLYDivision ofInternational Studies

Welcoming Remarks

The environments of business and society are changing remarkedly in the wave of the fourth industrial revolution. The division of International Studies has designed and operates educational programs to train future talents according to the rapidly changing global environment. The educational programs include Business, Korean Language and Culture Education, and Undeclared and Exploratory Major.

The Business track is a program of global business education. The language and materials of the lecture are all in English. We are trying to promote a class environment in which both foreign students and domestic students study together. The foreign students enrolling in the classes are from France, Uzbekistan, Tanzania, Vietnam, etc.

The Korean language and culture education track is prepared to educate foreign students who want to specialize in Korean language and Korean culture. Some foreign students select other academic fields as a double major or a minor, while focusing on studying the Korean language. An increasing number of foreign students are enrolling in this track, and they also tend to register for some of the business courses taught in English. 

The students entering the Undeclared and Exploratory Major may choose their majors and departments after completing the first year classes. It is different from entering other universities or admission to other divisions of this university, because it completely guarantees choosing one’s major without any conditions such as grades or limitations on the number of students.

The Division of International Studies is always open to students at home and abroad. If you have any questions about admission and course work, you can always get help from me or other university staff. I wish all of you who visit the Division of International Studies to design a wonderful career by joining with us.

Gang-Woo Han , Ph.D.
Division of International Studies