Global Business Administration

Information about the Program

The track name has been changed to Global Business Administration from 2021. The curriculum was also revised to focus on business theories and practices.

The program focuses on business courses such as accounting, marketing, international business, organizational behavior, electronic commerce, Korean business culture, and international trade. These courses, dealing with theoretical and practical aspects of business administration, will guide students to understand modern firms systematically so that they can be prepared as competent workers for global companies.

The courses offered in this program are taught in English. All textbooks and study materials are in English. The class students consist of Korean students as well as international students from many different countries. If foreign students are admitted to the division of international studies, they may choose this track as a major or a minor. Foreign students also may take a certain number of courses in the Korean language and culture education track, as a part of their study plan, to improve Korean language proficiency and adapt to Korean society.

Domestic students are admitted to the division as Undeclared and Exploratory Major, and they may choose this track, later on, as a major. They may also select this track as a double major, a minor, or electives.


  1. Educational Goal

The goal of the program is to educate students to become global leaders with business management knowledge and English communication skills. The program has been designed to train students to develop technical skills, human skills, strategic thinking, and other capabilities required at competitive firms.

Features of the Program

  • Students can learn basic functional business areas including accounting, fiance, marketing, human resource management, finance, operations management, information systems, and international business.
  • Students can acquire both management theories and practical techniques. Students will also be able to understand and acquire information related skills required in the age of 4th industrial revolution.
  • Courses are offered to enhance cultural understanding of business. Since global business involves communication and interaction among people with diverse cultural backgrounds, culture-related courses are offered such as Korean culture, intercultural communication, Korean business culture, management across culture, and international business.
  • Opportunities are provided to study Korean language as a general education requirement for foreign students. Even if foreign students do not use Korean at all, they can start to learn and use Korean language to an advanced level.

Job Opportunities

  • Graduates of the program may find jobs in large global companies operating in Korea or other countries.
  • The types of companies which the graduates may consider include banks, international trade, logistics, manufacturers, retailers, service companies, etc.
  • Relevant business areas include accounting, finance, personnel management, logistics, sales and marketing, information systems, and international trade.
  • Students may prepare certificates such as ERP(accounting, supply chain management, human resource management, sales, international trade), computerized accounting, and MOS.