Undeclared and Exploratory Major

Course Descriptions

Workplace English

Students learn English sentences, documents, and dialogue expressions that can be used in various fields of study where students major and work. It improves the interpretation and expression ability of English that can be used in the field such as hotel, travel, office, manufacturing, distribution, financial institution, trade, and computing service.

Understanding Modern Business Management

This course introduces management principles and corporate activities for beginners. It examines managerial issues and key terms related to the company's environment, strategy and business activities including production, marketing, finance, personnel, accounting, finance, and information.

Understanding Global Economy

The basic theories of economics are summarized and applied, and the applicability in the real economy is studied. This course focuses on microeconomics and macroeconomics and forms the basis for understanding the global economy.

Business English Reading

The purpose of this course is to improve the ability to read and translate English sentences related to conducting business activities. Business activities include procurement, operations, logistics, marketing, finance, accounting, and information. Students will learn the structure and vocabularies of English sentences and improve understanding and solving basic business problems.

Understanding Global Culture Contents

The purpose of this course is to improve understanding of the status of cultural contents based on the explanation of the theory related to the concept of cultural contents. Students will grasp global orientation of cultural contents industry and analyze cases and characteristics of global cultural contents.

Computer Applications

The aim is to cultivate basic computer literacy related to office automation. To do this, we provide practical training such as using Excel and writing documents.